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Sizes: Fits on an i-Glide 6.5" ; 10" & 8.5"

Bluetooth Hoverboard i-Glide™ V1 6.5”

Our Brand NEW Uniquely Designed Hovercart i-Glide Hovercart Attachment for your 6.5" , 8.5" or 10" i-Glide Hoverboard Has Arrived.

Uniquely designed to fit your colour i-Glide Hoverboard or to add a new colour scheme to your i-Glide Hoverboard and make it EXITING!

Now you can transform your i-Glide Hoverboard into a super-fun Hover Cart! Are you ready to go go-carting? The iGlide Hover Cart easily straps onto your iGlide Hoverboard. The two easy-control handle bars give you total maneuverability. Race, do wheelies and so much more! The Hover Cart has an adjustable frame for all sizes, a comfortable seat and foot rests for added comfort.

- Explosive acceleration and instant breaking

- Ultra-maneuverable with 360 turn radius

- Super-responsive control for maximum fun

 ***Please note that this Hovercart is only suggested for our range of Hoverboards. Utilizing this on another Hoverboard will be at own risk. Hoverboard is Sold Separately. This is only the attachment therefor
(Please note that the video is only an example of the operating function of the Hovercart. Please refer to the imaging of what the hovercart looks like - Hoverboard is not included)

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